The Types of Home Addition That Best Fits Your Needs

A home addition varies differently depending on the needs of your family and the situation of your home. It makes sense to expand your living space if you have a growing family, but knowing the kind of addition to tackle must be given much thought. It could be as big as your current home or a small space that takes a few weeks to complete.

Which Type of Home Addition Would Best Fit Your Needs?

In today’s article, Premier Quality Home Improvements, your local remodeling and outdoor living contractor, shares the types of home addition to consider the next time you want to expand your home’s current living space.


Often found at the back, this addition hangs new space off of your main home. It may be more costly on a per-square-foot basis, but it is among the most economical types of home addition because it doesn’t require foundational support. Typically, it measures three feet wide and up to 12 feet long—this provides additional square footage for a tub or shower to your master bathroom, an eat-in area in your kitchen, or a walk-in closet in your bedroom.


Sunrooms are a great way to enclose patios or decks, allowing everyone in the household to enjoy the beauty of nature and the feeling of being outdoors all the time. Smaller than full-sized additions, these are often constructed using prefabricated materials like aluminum and heat-resistant glass, which are assembled on-site. Since this area takes advantage of natural lighting, sunrooms can be used as playrooms for children, home offices, or home studios for the creative-minded individuals.

Home Addition

A full-sized addition can involve enlarging an existing room, adding at least one room, or building a two-story addition. It can be used for almost any purpose as long as it meets your family’s changing needs without moving out. Here, you can add a bathroom, family room, home office, or a master bedroom suite.

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