3 Signs a Seawall Needs Repair or Replacement

If you live in a high tidal zone or simply near a sandy beach, building a seawall around your property can offer protection and potentially increase its resale value. The main function of a seawall is to defend your property from hurricanes, tides and even tsunamis. It also prevents soil erosion that can cause large portions of your property to be washed away. But how can you tell if the seawall needs repair or replacement work? Here are some signs you need to look out for:

1. Cracks in the Seawall CapĀ 

Signs of cracking in the seawall cap or seawall creates a possibility for steel rebar reinforcement. This rebar exposure will initiate corrosion, which can easily lead to the failure of your seawall. Most seawalls were installed several decades ago, and cracks are a sign that they’re nearing the end of their lifespan. If you see signs of seawall cracking or erosion, make sure to contact a general contractor immediately.

2. Voids in the Seawall

Cracks in the concrete lead to voids in the seawall. If the seawall is missing large sections of concrete, it should be inspected and repaired right away by an outdoor and decks expert to avoid further damage that could cause serious property destruction.

3. Rust Stains on the Seawall

Rust stains on the seawall are a telltale sign of exposed steel reinforcement. This means the support structure of your seawall is vulnerable to water damage and erosion. If you see signs of rusting on any part of the wall, call for professional advice to see if the seawall needs repair or replacement.

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