Top 5 Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting project that can transform the look, feel and functionality of the space. For best results, components such as the bathtub, floor tiles, countertop basins, vanity unit and materials for building should all form a cohesive look.

Read on as Premier Quality Home Improvements shares five popular bathroom design ideas:

1. Contemporary: Sharp, clean lines command a contemporary bathroom space. Large, bulky architectural decorations like moldings and cabinets have no place in this fresh, modern room. The focus is on monochromatic tones and simple, solid materials to create a clean, sophisticated feel.

2. Coastal: Many homeowners want a relaxing and calming bathroom that can remind them of a refreshing getaway near the beach. To achieve this bathroom remodeling concept, choose durable finishes and accessories in blue or sandy shades. To capture the romanticism of the sea, look for furniture and decor featuring lighthouses, dolphins and seashells.

3. Industrial: The industrial style features brick, concrete and steel. It also takes notes from old factories transformed into trendy lofts.

4. Craftsman: The classic American home style is the Craftsman. A bathroom restoration inspired by this architecture design should feature rich and earthy elements such as handmade tiles, dark-stained oak cabinets and warm lighting.

5. Mediterranean: A Mediterranean-inspired bathroom space, according to bath and kitchen remodeling experts, should invoke the feeling of lightness and happiness. Tiles with detailed patterns and bright colors and archway mirrors create a strikingly realistic illusion that takes you back to the classics.

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